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Bart Miller - Intersex

BART MILLER, was born into dogs. From the day of his birth he had a Doberman as his childhood companion. Family ties bred or owned Bulldogs, Greyhounds, Pomeranians, assorted flushing breeds and, most notably, German Shepherd Dogs who served in police work, a family tradition. His first time in the ring was with a Boston Terrier over 50 years ago. His teenage years with horses and dogs made him a student of Equine and Canine Kinesiology. He apprenticed in Dog Shows under the tutelage of Malcolm Fellows who piloted the Old English to BIS at Westminster in 1975.
Siberians entered the picture when he met his wife to be, Patti, who’d had Calivali lines since 1976. His Soma Kennels was registered in 1972 most notably active in the breeding of Standard Poodles. Sledding was always enjoyed as a recreational past time. (Bart does know what a fid is and how to use it.) They bred their first Siberian litter in 1982 combining Patti’s Blueridge Kennel to form Blueridge-Soma Siberians.
Over the next 20 years they achieved over 100 BIS’s and Specialty Bests while breeding an average of one litter or less a year. Their objective was to preserve, protect and improve the breed. Wins were important as a measurement of meeting this criteria but keeping track of the wins wasn’t. However, the only Siberian ever to go BIS at a World Dog Show, (Bern Switzerland 1994 over a 15,000 dog entry), was sired by a Blueridge-Soma dog. And, Ch. Blueridge-Soma’s Stingray has left quite a legacy with his offspring. Blueridge-Soma Siberian’s were active models in fashion, TV commercials and featured in a couple of ‘coffee table’ books.
Bart started judging in Canada in 1991 and, after attending the 1993 American Kennel Club Judges Institute became an AKC Judge until policy change regarding non-US residency. As his popularity increased, it necessitated his end of breeding and exhibiting. He was a contributing writer to the Siberian Quarterly for many years. His writing appeared in many breed and all-breed magazines. He has one book to his credit written as a Japanese guide to the Siberian Husky. He has judged and given seminars on the Siberian and anatomy in many countries stopping only when advancing years took their toll on overseas travel.
Bart holds or has held memberships in The Siberian Husky Club of America, Los Angeles Dog Judges, Nevada Dog Judges, Dog Judges Association of America and is a life time member of the Canadian Kennel Club. His greatest single objective in judging was and is to be the kind of judge to whom he would like to exhibit. 

Stephanie Hamlin Barnhill - Dogs

Our Siberian Journey began when I was twelve. Mom told me I could have any breed of dog. With careful research I found the Siberian Husky and Jan Sigler of Kalea Siberians. While Jan tried her hardest to persuade me toward a boy, a gray and white girl with big blue eyes melted my heart.

Sashawa, my first Siberian, and I grew up together in the show ring. In just over a year we found our stride and I managed to put every point on her, including back-to-back majors in Texas over 18 lovely bitches to finish her Championship. With a 15 year old girl, she obtained multiple Best of Breed wins and multiple group placements to become ranked in the Top 20 Breed Standings. Realizing how much fun the dog shows were we quickly acquired Siberian number two from Judy Russell, Karnovanda Siberians. Unfortunately, Kissabear was not fond of the show ring, but her exceptional qualities warranted her becoming the foundation of our breeding program. Under the Nykiska kennel name, mom and I have bred 10 litters and finished numerous champions. We have had the thrill of showing numerous Group placing and Best in Specialty winning dogs. But the greatest memory to date was when brother, Sway, and sister, Gema, both received Award of Merit wins at the 2014 SHCA National Specialty in San Diego, CA under Breeder Judge Angela Porpora. Now with thirty years behind us, I am slowly starting down a new path and a different position in the ring: judging. I am up to six Working breeds, one Non-Sporting and Junior Showmanship. So far judging has been just as exhilarating.

Sashawa put mom and me on a journey that neither of us could have imagined. The beautiful dogs we have shared our lives with and the vast number of dog friends we have acquired over the years have made this a worthwhile adventure. I am thrilled with the opportunity to evaluate your beautiful dogs. I would like to thank you for this opportunity and wish each of you the best of luck! I am truly honored… 

Bill Shelton - Bitches

Bill Shelton’s Passion for all animals, particularly canines, and the sport of purebred dogs has extended over his life time. Dedicating his life's work to all things canine. Managing a successful professional handling career which spanned several decades. His dedication to the Coventry Pembroke Welsh Corgis is conspicuous by this families success in our sport today, and with being designated breeder of the year in 2012.

Evolving into a multiple group judge; Bill has judged Siberian specialties around the world, including the world dog show in 2016 and was voted Judge of the year 2016. He realizes his greatest satisfaction is sorting through a specialty entry, and officiating at distinctive events like this national today.

It will come as no surprise that Bill is an advocate for responsible breeders, their advanced education and the autonomy for breeders to continue as the lifeblood of our sport. He recognizes the importance and works at enlightening legislators and the general public to the benefits of owning a purebred dog acquired from a responsible breeder. Bill has written as a columnist, lectured for the AKC at events across this country expediting the success of both breeders and judges alike.   

Blair Kelly - Agility

White pants, broad jump, "all kiddies out of the pool".... less well-known about Blair Kelly is that he has been an agility judge since 2000 and has judged so far in 35 states. Blair breeds Norwich terriers and runs them in agility. He put the first MACH on a Norwich, and has earned the MACH title on two other Norwich. Blair is a strong advocate of health testing to produce healthier puppies. In his non-dog life, Blair is a retired mathematician who used to live in the Baltimore-Washington area, but now makes his home in rural North Carolina.

Betsy Horn Humer - Obedience/Rally

I’ve been active in the sport of dogs all my life, growing up with Chesapeake Bay Retrievers: training, showing and going to dog shows. My parents established Eastern Waters’ in 1947. When my husband, Rupe, and I established our own household we were given a puppy for Christmas. He was BISS CH Eastern Waters’ Oak, CD,TD, WD – “Oak” became a two-time National Specialty winner. 

We lived in New Jersey until 1999 and seventeen years ago moved to the Eastern Shore of Virginia, nestled between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. We like to say we “brought our dogs back to their roots.”

I have been a member of the American Chesapeake Club for over 45 years and currently serve as Judges Education Coordinator to the AKC. I am also on the Board of Directors since 2014. I was AKC Delegate 1997-2006.

I belong to the Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club 2000-present (Board of Directors 2012-2014, 2016-2018), past member of Monmouth County KC (NJ) 1995-2003, Bayshore Companion Dog Club (NJ) 1974 to present – honorary lifetime membership, and the Navesink River Retriever Hunting Club 1992-1999.

I am approved to judge the Sporting Group and Herding Group, Obedience, Rally, J.S. and Best in Show. My judging and breeding priorities are that our breed retains its original purpose and that form should follow function. I apply those priorities to other breeds that I judge. I am passionate about our breed and continue to train and show my own dogs in conformation, companion events and performance events. I usually breed one litter a year (just can’t get out of the whelping box!) and show my own dogs in the Bred-By-Exhibitor Class. In the last five years I have titled a dog in Agility, and two other dogs have earned BN, CD’s and RE titles. I have also owner/handled four dogs to their Championship and Grand Championships in the last five years. My husband’s dog completed his JH title in September.

I look forward to judging at your National Specialty Show – It is a special privilege to judge at a National Specialty -- and now it is time to ask, “Are you ready?” 

Carol Preble - Puppy Sweeps

The family joke is that my husband married me to get my Shepard mix, Lady. We really were not looking to get another dog, but we were at a friend’s house and across the street were some cute Siberian Husky pups. We put a deposit down on one of these “Rare Red Siberians” and a few weeks later Natasha came home. We dubbed her Rotten Red, and told her that if she lived a year, she would live a long and healthy life. Soon after that we bought our second Siberian. Both of these dogs received their CDX title and introduced us to the world of sledding. In the late 70’s we moved to Illinois and bred our first “Lit”. Tonni was shown on a very limited basis, but received her CD and became my husband, Kep’s, first of many famous red lead dogs on our sled team. In the early 80’s we bought our foundation bitch, Ch. Oaklyf’s Bundle of Joy, CD, SD from Bob and Pat Lanaghan, and yes, she was black and white. Joy produced Ch. Lodgepole’s Rumpleteazer, CD, SD who when bred to Ch. Lodgepole’s Rough Ryder, and produced multi Best in Specialty winner Ch. Lodgepole’s Firecat, SD. Lodgepole is still known for its red dogs. In 2004 Ch. Lodgepole’s Broken Arrow ( a grandson of CH Stormwatch’s Montana, SDO and CH Lodgepole’s Firecat,SD) ran in the Iditarod and at that year’s National Specialty, won Best Sled Dog and retired the SHCA Traveling Sled Dog Trophy for co-owner’s Wayne and Chris Curtis, Stormwatch Siberians. Several Lodgepole dogs have run with Team Stormwatch in the Iditarod. I believe that seeing my dogs finish in Nome after a 1,100 mile race is some or my proudest moments. After 41 years, we have retired from active racing in the Midwest, but I still have dogs in Alaska running with Team Stormwatch. I am still showing my dogs in the ring, doing obedience, rally and agility. At last year’s National GCH Lodgepole’s Flintlock, BN, CD, RAE, NA, NAJ,CGCA, CGCU, received an Award of Merit.

I am honored to be judging the National Specialty Sweepstakes.

Jeanne Stiner - Veteran Sweeps

My life began on an idyllic 100 acre farm in Northwest Pennsylvania 24 miles south of Erie, PA. There with my twin sister, older brother and sister, my parents operated a dairy farm averaging 50 head of milking cows. During those years on the farm, I had been surrounded by a diversity of domestic animals to tend and care for as did each of my siblings as we had a prominent role in daily farm chores starting at 5 am each morning. I believe this is where my passion for dogs and my love for the canine spirit had its origin and has continued to this day. Flashbacking to these early days, my first experience in exhibiting an animal was not a dog but showcasing one of twin calves that my twin sister and I exhibited at a local 4-H Fair at the age of 9.

After leaving the farm environment, I pursued a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in elementary education with a minor in music. From there my life was filled with more continuing education obtaining a Masters of Science degree in teaching reading to at-risk children and securing a position as a Reading Specialist in the public school system. I continued with post graduate work taking classes at Edinboro University in NW PA and the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Co to enhance my teaching performance with children who needed additional help in reading skills. Ensuing studies had me sign on to become trained as a Reading Recovery Teacher in my school district through the Ohio State University Reading Recovery Initiative. During these years in education, I served on numerous education committees writing curriculum and presenting workshops/seminars to teachers and parents to share strategies to help their struggling students and children. While I loved my work as a public educator, my love for canines and particularly the Siberian breed had an ever growing passion. So I retired from education earlier than I had originally planned and pursued the desire to become more involved in the sport of dogs.

Subsequently, I became a member of the SHCA and the Siberian Husky Club of the Niagara Frontier. I am also an active member of the Erie Kennel Club, a local all-breed club in Erie, PA, where I serve as a member on the Board of Directors. I also serve as Show Chair for our two-day all-breed dog show, obedience & rally trials which are held annually the last weekend in January at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie, PA.

Even though I have owned Siberians for over 30 years, I had my first experience exhibiting my first show Siberian in June of 1997. Her name was “Busy”, Sierra’s Barkarian Busy Body, obtained from Barry Brunner of Barynuk Kennels. Needless to say, I became hooked and passionate about showing and breeding this beautiful, highly intelligent breed which has evolved into showcasing my own bred-by Busystar Siberians. I have bred Best in Specialty Show winners and Grand Champions and one of my greatest moments in the ring was showing “Banner”, BISS GCHB AM/CAN CH Busystar’s Enduring Promise, AOM, at Madison Square Garden in February 2012. My Siberians also have Canadian championship titles as I enjoy exhibiting with my Canadian friends.

As my journey with the Siberian breed continues to unfold, a new God-given pathway has emerged for me as I pursue a career in judging dogs. My past judging sweepstake assignments have been judging both the puppy and veteran sweepstakes at regional specialty clubs. But I have a most special place in my heart for the priceless veterans.

I am so humbled and honored to be judging your precious veterans at the 2017 National Specialty. Thank you for this honor of allowing their presence to be in the ring with me. Every one of them in my eyes will be a glimpse of Heaven.

“All the Riches of the World Do Not Equal the Undying Love and Companionship of Man’s Best Friend.”
~Jeanne Stiner

Joy Graeme Messinger - Beginner Puppy

My first Siberian was purchased in early 1968, a daughter of Ch.Savdajaure's Cognac. This led to a visit to Savdajaure Kennels and the rest of the New England Siberian Husky breeders. Under the "Yeti" prefix I (together with my former husband) have bred about 40 Champions -including the 1975 National Specialty Best of Breed winner, Ch. Yeti's Red Chili of Snoridge and a Canadian Best in Show winner. I have also bred numerous obedience, sled dog, working pack dog and agility title holders. For many years my dogs competed in mid-distance races driven by Robert.

As a member of the SHCA since 1968 I have been a contributor to the Newsletter; Co-chairman of the Symposium held in conjunction with the 1978 National Specialty presenting an overview of the breed with such authorities as Peg Ricker Nansen, John Tanner and Ray Coppinger. I served as a Board member for 4 years,Corresponding Secretary 3 years, Historian 9 years. Currently I am Chairman of the Member Communications committee and Education Chairman for the SHCA Trust.

On the local level, I have served as Show Chairman, Trophy Chairman and Eye Clinic Chairman for the Garden State Siberian Husky Club; as Trophy Chairman for the Siberian Husky Club of Delaware Valley ; As a member of Ramapo Kennel Club I served as Eye Clinic Chairman for 19 years, Show Chairman 2 years and Board member 2 years. I am am also a past Board member of the New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs.

I was approved to judge Siberian Huskies and Junior Showmanship in 1983 and have judged the 1988 Canadian Siberian Husky National Specialty, the 1990 and 2006 SHCA National Specialties, the 2016 SHCA Top Twenty, various area Siberian Specialties and Specialties in Italy and Argentina.

Margaret Cook  - Sled Dog Sweeps

I have been involved with pure bred Siberians under the kennel name of Teeco for 50 years, purchasing my first Siberian Husky from a fellow teacher in 1967. In 1975 I became involved in sled dog racing starting a local club in Massachusetts – The South Shore Siberian Husky Sled Dog Club. Since that time I have been involved in showing and sled dog events. I have finished more than 66 Siberians in conformation, both American and Canadian championships, one of whom won Best of Breed at the 1982 Canadian National Specialty. I have had four champion bitches receive AOM at the SHCA National, one from the sled bitch class, and have had five bitches and one male place in the top 25 in breed wins since 1988. I also am the breeder of the WB and BOW at the 2006 SHCA National.

I ran a competitive 4 dog and 6 dog team on the New England circuit from the Sportsman class for 5 years qualifying 15-20 dogs and bitches per year for the sled dog class at specialties. Many of these dogs won Best Sled Dog or Bitch at these specialties including the SHCA Nationals. Besides sprint racing I also finished several 30 mile races and the difficult Sandwich Notch 60 mile race in 1990. During that time, I finished 3 SD degrees on three Champion bitches and 2 SDX degrees. I have the distinction of having the first Multiple Working Group Winner Champion Siberian Husky female to earn a sled dog degree, CH Teeco’s Tallahassee Lassie SD, AOM (Tracy.) Tracy was also the #2 Champion bitch in 1988. And she was the leader on my team that finished the Sandwich Notch 60.

As a 34 year member of the Siberian Husky Club of America I was Working Showing Chairman for many years retiring in 1994, served on the board of directors from 2006-2007, was assistant show chairman of the 1988 National and Show Secretary in 2016. I was the Secretary for the Down East Sled Dog Club during my time of racing and am presently the treasurer of the Yankee Siberian Husky Club having served as President, Show Chair, Show Secretary and board member for many years. I am also the President of the Hockamock Kennel Club.

In addition to Siberians, I have owned and co-bred champion Akitas as well as owning a Pembroke Welch Corgi that came from a litter that was raised by one of my Siberians. I am an AKC approved judge for Siberians Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Akitas , Samoyeds and Junior Showmanship. I have judged in the USA, Canada and Internationally.

5641 Indian River Road
Virginia Beach, VA

Show Chair: